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"CHECCHI & MAGLI" (C&M) provides quality built vegetable transplanters and tobacco setters with innovation that makes them the most efficient transplanters on the market.

The company was founded in 1976 , assuming its brand-name from its founders, Mr. Nerio Checchi and Mr. Giovanni Magli, who are still engaged in the company's commmercial and technological development.

At present, besides approximately 300 sales points in Italy , the company has 100 additional sales points in Europe , Asia , America , Africa and Oceania.

Besides our innovative technology and quality built machines, we attribute part of our success to responding quickly to the needs and demands of the market in creating new features and products.

C&M has been the #1 selling transplanter in the California vegetable market for years and is now overtaking the tobacco belt market due to it's outstanding features of adjustability, low maintance, ease of use, and the fact that... "IT REALLY WORKS!"

For more information please contact:

Grant Allen -- North American Rep.
Toll Free: 866-794-9774


Part 1, Rodney Riggs talks about C&M transplanter,"That's THE ONLY Transplanter on the Market!!!"

Interview with Rodney Riggs, lifelong tobacco farmer from Trenton, North Carolina (1530 total acres of tobacco) tells about his how amazed he is with 4, 8 row C&M (Checchi & Magli) setters he has owned for 2 seasons. Speaking with Bill Stalls and Mark Jones from Benchmark, he says it puts the root in the ground better, better stand, packs the ground better. Very low maintainance as well. As he says, "I'd almost quit farming tobacco if I had to go back to another setter, and that ain't no joke."

Part 2, Rodney Riggs talks about C&M transplanter, "There ain't Nothin' you can Improve!"

With other setters for an 8 row planter, you see 4 or 5 people following behind it. With a C&M setter, 2 people can follow and if it is adjusted correctly you don't even need that. Also by adjusting the settings to you can plant small plants or large plants. As lifetime tobacco grower says, "There ain't nothin' you can improve!"

Part 3, Rodney Riggs talks about C&M transplanter, "Planting is the Key"

Planting tobacco most of his life, Rodney knows "planting is the key" to getting a good crop and yield. There have been several examples of farmers who finished planting their field with a C&M setter to test it out, and they could clearly see in the field the part done by the C&M was healthier than the part set with the competition. Rodney told a friend who borrowed his transplanter, "It's gonna cost you some money. . . because you're gonna want one!" Can be used for vegetables like tomatos, melons, cabbage. C&M has been the number one transplanter in the California vegetable market for years and only recently available in other areas of the country and to the tobacco market.

completely adjustable to your soil conditions
adjustable front arm and rear kick to set plant straight up!
•adjustable depth
•adjustable timing of plant drop
•adjustable packing wheels
•adjustable press wheels
•adjustable parallelogram for constant planting depth
•adjustable quantity & positioning of water trip
•extension cups for taller plants
•plant drops through large throat
•optional skids (adjustable)

TRIUM : total-control transplanter.
Semiautomatic for tapered and pyramid-shaped clod plants up to 6 cm in diameter driven by tyred driving wheels.

Suitable for plants with very developed leaves (e.g. tobacco, tomato, cabbage, etc...)

The transplant units are independent and modular.
The 10-cup rotating distributor ensures high output and standards of comfort for the operator.

Approximate output: 4500-5000 plants/hr per row

Trium Brochure for Tobacco Market.pdf
Trium Brochure for Vegetable Market.pdf

Trium Brochure with charts.pdf

Trium Video


The DUAL 12 GOLD range of semiautomatic transplanters (patented) is specifically conceived for planting out vegetables, flowers, nursery and tobacco plants rooted in conical or pyramid-shaped peat plugs. A single operator can simultaneously fill two paired rows of transplants.

The GOLD models are equipped with a four-bar linkage for every transplanting unit.

50% reduction in labor costs, double productivity, environmental protection, safety, comfort, extreme precision, total quality and operating ease.

Estimated production: 6-7,000 plants/hour per operator.

Min cm. 30 only with special kit optional.

Dual 12 Gold.pdf

Dual 12 Gold Video


TOP 24
With the TOP 24 a single operator can simultaneously fill two paired rows of transplant ;the distance between rows is adjustablefrom cm 60 to cm 120 (A).

Use: Semiautomatic for tapered and pyramid-shaped clod plants up to 3 cm inØ (from 3 cm to 5 cm optional).

Distribution system: Horizontal rotating with 24 opening bottoms cups on the same circumference; cups are equidistant, constant in hour sense rotation (not at release).

Soil adaptation (B): Independent and floating transplant units. High range parallelogram, reversible and adjustable spring, front flex adjustable wheels.

Automatic disengagement: In case of accidental stoppage with automatic and self timing re-engagement.

Plant Control: Device for precise and constant planting. Packing wheels: In metal (on request in rubber flex) bi-convergent with triple regulation.

Wheel scrapers: High efficiency with double adjustment, height and incidence.

Top 24 Brochure.pdf

For more information please contact:
Grant Allen -- North American Rep.
Toll Free: 866-794-9774

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